Young girl with autism on a swingWelcome to BECA

Thank you for taking the time to consider BECA’s services as you seek the most effective, research-based, behavioral interventions for your child. At BECA, the same research that consistently demonstrates that Applied Behavior Analytic (ABA) interventions result in the best outcomes for children with autistic spectrum disorders is the same research on which our clinical practices are based.

Autism treatment is covered by insurance under California lawBECA, a California regional center vendor and certified by the California Department of Education as a non-public agency, was established in 1999 to help meet the ongoing demand for accessible, high-quality, ABA services for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), ages 12 months through 22 years, and their families. Our service areas currently include greater Los Angeles and Sacramento, with services soon becoming available to additional cities, states, and countries. Our mission is to help children become more fully integrated into their family, school and community environments. We pride ourselves in the unique comprehensiveness that our team of UCLA-trained directors, Board Certified Behavior Analysts, and clinical psychologists offer to our clients, who deserve no less than the most carefully designed intensive behavioral education services.

We understand the importance of the decision of which agency to trust with your child’s intervention program, and hope the information contained within this website is useful in helping you to become an informed consumer in making this very important decision. Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have, for more information, or to request an intake packet. We look forward to working with you and your child.

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